For Business

Office Plankton

You are called the office plankton?

– Time to learn about some real water.

Work routine is no longer joy full?

– You have not tested all ways to change yourself.

Do not understand your colleagues or manager?

– Where else can you get to know your colleagues better, if not afloat.

(We believe there are such places. But try this one.)



In the yacht like in any enterprise, teamwork and good leadership are important. does not offer you a luxury and lazy yacht sailing. offers active recreation, a way to promote the company’s efficiency bringing employees into yacht teams.

Test yourself in new position – a captain, a sailor, a helmsman, a cook. No matter who you are – a boss, a manager, and administrator, or a customer. It is important how you work in a team.

The yacht is a tool to get to know colleagues and means to build the relations in the team. Like a marine knot.

Regatta for The Company

Regatta for businesses: becoming yacht crew members, company employees are competing with each other in making their decisions independently. offers only instructors.

The program can vary according to the customer’s requests and meteorological conditions. We will take care not only of ships, but also arrival, food, and accommodation.

2, 3 or 5, yachts can compete in a regatta, depending on the crew size and preferences.

Before the match we organise a short theoretical introduction to the ship and safety, practical training afloat. During the regatta you have refreshments – snacks and drinks. 

Comfortable Yachts yachts are comfortable, fast, new – ready to accept you for short and long journeys.

They have everything you need for comfort: a wide deck for sunny days, a salon and three crew cabins, a galley equipped with refrigerator, stove, a bathroom with shower.

The yacht has fresh water, music (MP3), bedding (four 8 persons), dishes and tableware, 12 V during sailing and 220 V on the shore.

We pay special attention to the crew safety.


est regatta – one day to Nida, the next day back to Klaipeda. You can make a day regatta to Juodkrantė.

As our customers say, everyone should have sailing experience at least once in his life.

Regatta price: 

  • Ship prices
  • Cleaning (90 Eur)
  • Skipper (150 Eur)
  • Program prices:

program price per vessel per day - 255 EUR, program cost per ship for two days 400 EUR (program’s price includes: fuel, diplomas, program preparation)


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