Something for everyone

Romantic night

New experiences: Stay overnight the yacht, get used to it, and sail calmly in the morning!

Romantic accommodation, ideal for a couple, but suitable also for two, three couples.

We will meet you in Pilies port of Klaipeda, and will introduce to the daily life of our ship: where water and electricity are, how to use the toilet, how to make water for coffee or tea, how the fridge operates and how to start the music.

Let’s sail in the morning at the agreed time!

Free accommodation if you order at least two days, i.e., you can spend a night between ship-days can on the ships! 


Want to sail for half a day or longer? has something to offer.

The board can accommodate up to 8 people. We can sail to Juodkrantė, Nida, Mingė.

Our qualified masters will take you wherever you want! Book at least two ship-days and stay on board at night! 


Want to sail, but not sure if you can? Afraid of sea sickness, but want to control the ship? Check yourself in real life conditions – become a sailing ship captain! Sailing training for beginners will allow you to experience that sailing is actually easy.

In yachts customers are not just passengers but crew members, whom we offer a real experience – sailing their own yacht.

In the Lagoon you will steer the ship, raise and lower the sails, turn against the wind and let the wind drive you – everything done under the supervision of our captain. Invite your friends, too!


You must know: due to weather conditions reserves the right to change the sailing date upon agreement with the customers. The rain is not bad weather, we cannot sail only during storms. 


Priešpilio 4, Klaipėda

+370 693 33999