For Professional Yachtsmen

Want to sail? The company? You know the route? Want to book a yacht here and now? Call. Write. Meet us.

Sailing is a great opportunity to experience the freedom under the sails with your friends or family. You have no better holidays than sailing along the chosen route. We have a golden coast – the Curonian Spit, Nida, Mingė. We have places to visit and places to stop.

Yacht rent and sailing of passengers is not a new thing in Lithuania, but nobody has yet offered such new ships. Jeanneau yacht model Sun Odyssey 409 won the prestigious 2011 European yachts title “European Yacht of the Year 2011”.

And it is not just the title for the ocean beauty queen. This award is given only the best of the best yachts! offers non-sports sailyachts convenient for cruising. But they are fast and in club regattas can freely compete with more sporty yachts in the free groups of club regattas. does not dare to say that:

  • sleeping in a cosy cabin you will really dream of beauties mermaids, the powerful Neptune or the Viking treasures
  • You can prepare dinner in yacht galley, to which even Jamie Oliver will envy,
  • you will dance polka all night long in the yacht salon together with your friends. believes that:

  • Both novices and experienced sea wolfs will experience sailing excitement
  • For those who do not sail often, it is the best option and is cheaper than buying your own yacht
  • Our yachts


Yacht rental price comprises:

  • Ship prices
  • One-time yacht cleaning – 65 EUR
  • Actual fuel consumption based on motor hours.
  • Deposit which will be refunded upon delivery of the vessel without damage – 1000 EUR

The vessel is transferred t 9:00 an in the morning and must be returned to the same port from until the last date of order, 20:00 hours.

Rental rules can be found here


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