Level I helmsman courses


Gosail.lt Cruising and Sailing School (KBM) offers practical sailing courses for those who want to become level I seamen.

The courses are organised according to the KBM program “ Qualifying practice in the Baltic Sea for level I helmsmen”.

The KBM program so far is unique in Lithuania, practically teaching to be a yacht captain.

You can take a program upon making a booking form the qualifying practice (you will receive it by e-mail), and have your practice during the Qualification practice.

What will you learn?

How many of you knows what are the duties and functions of the shift manager or a master on board?

Or maybe you have tried to fulfill them in practice and navigate using the distance calculation and visual navigation methods?

One-week investment in ship management in shifts afloat together withGosail.lt captain who knows what needs to be learned and following the KBM shift manager training program will give you knowledge of sailing in the sea.

During practical sailing he will learn the shift routine and navigation techniques, which, just like riding a bicycle, once learned, will remain for long.


What are the benefits?

The New Lithuanian Yachting Union (LBS) certification rules that have yet to be adopted, provide for them level I practical exam.

During this certification you will have to demonstrate your ability to lead the crew and practically find a place charted.

Practice sailing will prepare you for the examination of the level I helmsmen of a sailing yacht while sailing days and nautical miles will be included in the minimum amount of qualification.

The current minimum requirements for level I: two years of navigation, 30 days at sea and 200 nautical miles. Position of shift manager or captain.


How to register?

After transfer you will get the confirmation about the acceptance and material for preparation. 


How much does it cost?

Week course price –600 EUR per person.

The course fee includes:

Gosail.lt yacht and captain
KBM qualification practice program.

The course fee does not include:

Travel costs to and from practice
Yachts fuel and port charges
Food on board

The maximum number of pupils afloat – 6. Minimum – 4.

Qualification requirements for learners – must have the level II helmsmen diploma.


Where to go sail?

Starting point of the courses – Pilies harbour, Klaipeda. Sailing waters – the Baltic Sea. Trainees will have to identify a possible route, taking into account weather forecasts, their own preferences and instructor’s guidance

If the wind force exceeds 6 points, the qualification practice sailing dates can be adjusted.




Priešpilio 4, Klaipėda

+370 693 33999