Mooring Courses

Mooring practice

We offer mooring courses for experienced yachtsmen and novices.

It is a necessary sailing skill for every ship’s master and, perhaps, all the crew members.

It is also recommended for sailing ladies.

One-day courses will provide more self-confidence, additional knowledge and skills.

If you learn the most important things or upgrade your knowledge, you can easily and quickly injure good sailing practices.

How Much Does It Cost? and Cruising Sailing School (KBM) is organizing the courses for yacht sailing and maneuvering in confined spaces, and mooring, developed in accordance with the KBM methodology.

One-day investment in the courses on yacht management in the ports and mooring will give you confidence when renting a yacht and independently sailing with them in any place of our Earth. The course provides practical skills in maneuvering with the engine in the port, and mooring a yacht under various conditions.

Course price – 150 EUR per person.

Course location – Pilies harbour, Klaipeda.

The course begins at 9:00. The course ends at 18:00. 1 hour rest after 4 hours. Total 8 hours for work (without 1 hour rest).

When to learn?

Course dates and reservations

Register Online

After payment you will get a confirmation email and additional information about the courses. 

What Do I Get?

The course fee includes:

  • yacht and instructor.
  • KBM handouts and training materials and KBM course completion certificate
  • Yacht fuel and port fees.

The maximum number of pupils afloat – 5. Minimum – 4. reserves the right to change the course date.

If you have friends, you can choose the most convenient date for training provided has free yachts on that day.


Priešpilio 4, Klaipėda

+370 693 33999