The first thing for which invites sailors – learning or bring your knowledge in mooring.

We offer mooring courses for experienced yachtsmen and novices.

It is a necessary sailing skill for every ship’s master and, perhaps, all the crew members.

One-day courses will provide more self-confidence, additional knowledge and skills.

If you learn the most important things or upgrade your knowledge, you can easily and quickly injure good sailing practices.

Course price – EUR 150 per person. 

Anyone who dreams to become a sailing yacht captain, can and should take practical Cruising and Sailing School (KBM) practical sailing courses at sea.

Theoretical knowledge – navigation, pilot books, ship equipment, travel planning, meteorology and other – a week of sailing and you will learn everything. instructor will help and will prompt you, and during practical sailing who can learn the routine of shifts and navigation techniques, which, just like riding a bicycle, once learnt will remain yours forever.

Week course price – 490 EUR per person.

Not interested in navigation theory or know it very well and simply want to sail the sea and collect your nautical miles? offers this opportunity.

And even if you’re not a sailor, you can test yourself. Being at sea with other crew members you will get to know yourself, get to know the yacht, and discover new people and shores.

Theory is necessary just as practice. But learning the basics is easy. What we offer is not a licensed training – we introduce to sailing. And if it is your destiny (and we know a lot of people to whom the first acquaintance turned into a passion and love, and since then they’re lucky), you can continue your education.

To collect nautical miles, we invite you to sail to Liepaja or Gdansk, Gdynia.

Price –140 EUR day per person.


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