Terms And Conditions for Gosail.lt Rental services


1.1. The price includes a fully equipped yacht with equipment and/or services under the current price list. The reservation price does not include parking in the ports (except the home port).

1.2. The vessel and services are ordered only when they are fully paid.

1.3. Ship and service prices are available on the internet website www.gosail.lt. In some cases the price can be negotiated with the customer directly.

1.4. In the event all damages are borne by the customer.


2.1. If the booking is cancelled more than 30 days before the sailing, it is subject to order cancellation penalty: 50% of the booking amount.

2.2. If the booking is cancelled less than 30 days before sailing, it is subject to order cancellation penalty: 100% of the booking amount.


3.1. Upon arrival to lease the ship we charge EUR 1000 deposit by freezing this amount on your credit card. The depositor signs the card reader receipt. The deposit is charged when renting a ship without a crew. Money can be frozen for up to 2 weeks.

3.2. The deposit can be paid by any crew member giving a permission to use the deposit. He confirms the concerned with the signature of on the check or other monetary document.

3.3. In the damage worth less than 1000 EUR is found, it is deducted from the deposit.

3.4. In case of damage, the customer is invoiced to cover the damage, which he has to pay during the delivery of the ship or within 3 working days from the date of the invoice.

3.5. In case of damage, we charge 30 percent administration fee on the amount of damage.

3.6. Damaged inventory is not repaired, but replaced with new, unless otherwise decided by the yacht owner.

3.7. The yachts are covered by comprehensive insurance. In case of damage the customer is obliged to compensate for these losses if it is an insured event, and for non-insured events the customer is obliged to compensate for all damage.


4.1. The customer – the customer paying the money – is responsible for the safety of people and the ship.

4.2. The ship is booked at the time convenient to the customer, from 09:00 am in the morning on the first day of booking.

4.3. In case the customer rents a ship for a week from Saturday to Friday, the ship should be collected on the departure day (Saturdays) he can from 09:00 am, and returned on Friday evening until 20:00 pm.

4.4. During the transfer the customer must make sure that the ship is in good order according to the acceptance certificate (hereinafter the certificate). If any damages found unknown to the company – the skipper must inform the transfer of person who makes the relevant records in the certificate.


5.1. When returning the ship by the customer, the company checks its condition under the certificate. If all items correspond the certificate, it is signed. If any damages found due to improper operation of the vessel, the customer is required to compensate for it under paragraph 3 of the contract. Damage is recorded in the certificate which is signed by both parties.

5.2. If no damage is found, the deposit is returned to the customer on the spot (in case of technical difficulties, the deposit may be returned within 7 working days).

5.3. when returning the ship to the company, the motor hour counter is checked and fuel consumption is calculated using the following formula:

Yacht SO36i motor hours 1 EUR = 6.5.

5.4. The amount of fuel is it recorded in the certificate and deducted upon returning the security, and recording it in the final invoice. The customer can pay for fuel separately and not from the deposit.

5.5. If the customer returns the yacht with full fuel tank, as he has received when collecting it, no additional fee for fuel is deducted.

5.6. The ship must be returned to the same port from which it was taken, to the last order date at 20:00.

5.7. If the ship is not return for more than 3 hours without prior notice, we apply a penalty –300 EUR.

5.8. If the ship is a return for more than 3 hours late, we apply a fine equal to one weekend day rental price multiplied by two.

5.9. If the customer prefers to transfer the ship earlier than the agreed end of the rental time, he must notify the company in advance to arrange the acceptance of the ship.

5.10. The company asks the customer must notify about their arrival to the port at least one hour before the scheduled time.

5.11. If the customer wants to extend the lease of the ship, you must notify the company, and this can be done if the vessel has not been booked by another customer. The extension price is determined by the current price list. The extension is deemed to be agreed when it is paid.


6.1. Boats can sail only in the Baltic Sea.

6.2. Ensure that all crew assumes joint responsibility towards the Company.

6.3. Respect the laws of the country in which you are sailing.

6.4. Do not participate in regattas without the written consent of the Company. An email also constitutes a written consent.

6.5. Comply with all possible security measures in protecting the crew and the ship.

6.6. Do not to leave the port if the wind is stronger than 25 knots, or if the port authorities do not allowed to leave.

6.7. Avoid the overload of the mast, sails and ropes.

6.8. Do not take pets or wild animals on-board without the consent of the company.

6.9. Customers are responsible for their own safety as well as all possible risks and consequences.

6.10. The company’s yachts contain safety rules. Customers are familiarised with them during the transfer of the ship. By signing these rules the customers confirm that they are familiar with the rules and accept full responsibility for their security and any acts or omissions.


7.1. The company provides a clean ship in usable condition, with full fuel and water tanks.

7.2. The company is not responsible for delays caused by weather conditions unsuitable for navigation.


8.1. If the customer has a complaint against the company or companies skippers’ service, the claim must be submitted on the date of return of the ship, in writing, with the customer’s signature.

8.2. If the customer requests compensation, this must be agreed during the ship’s variable. If such an agreement is made, a written document is drafted and signed by the two parties.

8.3. If the customer’s claim cannot be resolved during the ship delivery, it must be sent within 7 days. Otherwise, it will not be considered.

8.4. The parties must seek to address claims by mutual agreement. If the parties failed to agree, disputes are settled in the courts of the Republic of Lithuania.


9.1. By signing these rules, the customer agrees that his information is used for direct marketing purposes of the company, but are not transferred to third parties.

I have read and agree to:


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